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DeTect Announces Development of Stabilized True3D™ Bird Radar for Offshore Wind Project Bird Surveys

Stabilized True3D™ Bird Radar for Offshore Wind Project Bird Surveys

DeTect, Inc. today announced it has developed a motion-stabilized True3D Bird Detection Radar (BDR) to support buoy and floating platform offshore wind farm project development and operation. The MERLIN™ 7360s  is based on DeTect’s industry-proven MERLIN True3D bird radar technology and includes motion stabilization platform and software to compensate for wave and buoy movement. The system is currently in final testing at DeTect’s Panama City, Florida headquarters before undergoing certification testing off the French coast in early 2024.

“The 7360s represents a breakthrough in offshore avian mortality risk  assessment, monitoring and mitigation technology allowing wind farm developers and operators to conduct quantitative pre-construction risk assessment of proposed offshore wind projects and mitigate bird mortality in real-time”, said Gary W. Andrews, DeTect’s President and CEO.

The 7360 additionally includes DeTect’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) target classification technology that automatically identifies birds and bats down to taxonomic (species) levels while collecting continuous high resolution data on biological activity 24-7, day and night. The system is compact, lightweight, low power and fully remote controllable, designed for extended unattended operation on metrological buoys and platforms. The 7360s will be commercially available by mid-2024.



DeTect is a US radar company with research, engineering and manufacturing facilities and offices in worldwide. The company is a leader in advanced remote sensing technologies for small RCS targets such as birds, bats, aircraft, ships and drones. Other DeTect products include HARRIER™ Security & Surveillance Radars, DroneWatcher™ Counter-UAS systems, and HARRIER Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems (ADLS).  Since 2003, DeTect has manufactured and commissioned over 800 systems in the US, Canada, the UK, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia.