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Detect, Inc is exhibiting at Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference

Detect, Inc is exhibiting at Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference

Held in Amsterdam this week, the Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference is Europe’s leading event for the entire offshore energy industry and an opportunity to reach business leaders, highly qualified experts and professionals across global markets. DeTect, Inc is pleased to be exhibiting and reports that there is a lot of interest in DeTect’s True […]

DeTect attended ADEX 2021 in Seoul

DeTect, Inc attended ADEX 2021 in Seoul in October 2021 to establish new business partnerships for the Korean Market. ADEX is the Asian International Aerospace Defense exhibition – a huge conference in Korea every year (similar to Paris Air show in size).   Contact DeTect for more information.  

DeTect, Inc attended the American Cleanpower Offshore Conference

Our wonderful team from DeTect, Inc attended the Offshore WINDPOWER Conference & Exhibition this week in Boston to exhibit DeTect’s HARRIER ADLS. The Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS) created great interest amongst the attendees. In response to the Dark Sky initiative to reduce light pollution and customer demand, DeTect developed the HARRIER Aircraft Detection Lighting […]

New Lighting System Installed at Merricourt Wind Farm

MERRICOURT, N.D. (OTPC) – Thanks to the recent installation of a radar-activated aircraft detection lighting system (ADLS) at the newly operational 150-megawatt Merricourt Wind Energy Center, North Dakota skies are a little darker—without compromising safety. A safe solution for darker skies While flashing red warning lights on wind towers are critical to safety, they can […]