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About DeTect, Inc.

DeTect specializes in advanced 2D and True3D™ radar and other sensor technologies. The company is the leader in bird radar technologies for real-time aircraft bird strike avoidance, wind energy bird mortality risk assessment and mitigation, and industrial bird control with over 300 of its MERLIN bird radars delivered to the US, Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia since 2003.

The unique radar signal processing technology in MERLIN, developed specifically for reliable detection and tracking of small, non-cooperative, low radar-cross section, non-linearly moving targets, is also used in DeTect’s HARRIER Security and Surveillance Radar and DroneWatcher Drone Detection Radars making it one of the most sensitive, affordable radar systems on the market today for airspace and marine security applications including drone and UAV detection and defense, and UAS Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations.

A 20 year history of ‘Firsts’

2003: Installed the first production-model bird radars at military airfields for real-time aircraft birdstrike risk alerting to Air Traffic Controllers and pilots.

2004: Deployed the first offshore bird radar for automated wind farm pre-construction survey.

2008: Commissioned the first radar-activated migratory bird migration system at two wind farms in coastal Texas.

2009: Introduced the world’s first, purpose-built solid-state bird detection radar.

2010: Deployed the first radar-activated system for raptor and bat mortality risk at wind farms.

2012: Commissioned the first radar-activated wind farm turbine obstruction lighting system management system in the US (Aircraft Detection Lighting System).

2016: Released its DroneWatcher Drone Surveillance Radar (DSR) and DroneWatcher RF (Radiofrequency) system multi-layer drone defense system.

2018: Introduced the world’s first True3D bird radar sensor.

Today, DeTect offers the most comprehensive line of specialized solid-state 2D and True3D radars on the market that allows the Company to deliver its customers ‘The Right Radar for the Job’.


Aircraft Birdstrike Prevention at an Airport

Global Reach, Global Experience

Since 2003 DeTect has delivered more than 600 radar systems worldwide. DeTect has main offices in the US, Canada and the UK, along with field and partner offices in over 60 countries ensuring that our customers receive the highest level of support and service for installations worldwide.

Map of Detect Inc Radar Systems Installed Worldwide
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DeTect’s professional staff resources include experienced project managers, engineers, scientists, aviation safety specialists, and technicians that are experts in remote sensing, radar system integration, security, operation and environmental management.

Specialized expertise includes BASH (Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard) and wind energy avian risk assessment and management with unique application support from leading radar engineers, software developers, radar ornithologists, biologists and scientists that provide DeTect clients with the most experienced team of experts in remote sensing of birds and bats in the world.

With DeTect, customers get more than a radar system – as a fully integrated company DeTect provides comprehensive application support with each system that includes project design, in-house engineering and manufacturing, turn-key delivery and installation, concept-of-operations (CONOPS) development, human factors design, operational integration, user training and long-term 24-7 remote and on-site service and support.


Company facilities include over 20,000 square feet of office, laboratory and manufacturing space in Florida to support design, development, assembly, testing and support of advanced radar systems.

Research resources include test sites for systems, components and software development, testing and calibration.

DeTect radar systems are built to industrial and military (MILSPEC), European Union (EU CE Mark) and other international standards and incorporate commercial-off-the shelf (COTS) components where possible to provide our customers with high performance, competitive cost of acquisition, low O&M, and ongoing technology insertion and upgrade opportunities over the life of the system.

DeTect radar systems are in use at facilities and projects worldwide with a proven record of exceptional performance, reliability and operability and over ten million hours of successful operating experience since 2003.

The U. S. Department of Defense has purchased twenty MERLIN systems to date based on a documented record of improved aircrew safety, reduced aircraft-birdstrike damage and increased mission readiness.

NASA in 2006, after evaluation and on-site testing of various bird radar technologies, selected DeTect’s MERLIN system to support space launch safety for the $2 billion space shuttle for 22 launches through the end of the program in 2011 with 100% system uptime.


With DeTect, customers are getting more than a radar system – as a fully integrated company DeTect provides comprehensive application support with each system that includes project design, turn-key delivery, full concept-of-operations (CONOPS) development, human factors design, system operational integration, site-specific operation user training and long-term 24-7 support.

Each system is supported by DeTect’s team of application specialists who have extensive backgrounds and experience in systems design, manufacture, siting and, most importantly, integration and use of the technology in the real-world environment with effective user interfaces to meet each customer’s specific business operational requirement.