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Drone Detection & Defense Systems

DeTect has developed a unique small UAS finder and drone detection and defense system, DroneWatcher, consisting of technologies that can operate independently or together to provide complete, multi-layer security and wide-area drone control:


DroneWatcherRF is able to provide drone detection for over 95% of the commercially-available, consumer and prosumer drones on the market out to 12 miles providing detailed information including drone type, ID and other data.

The DroneWatcherRF is a compact, unobtrusive electric box that is installed around the perimeter of a facility with only nominal power and network requirements (self-contained solar and cellular versions are available).

New drone signatures are continually being added to DeTect’s DroneWatcherRF identification database.

DroneWatcherRF also includes DeTect’s proprietary drone interdiction and inception functionality.


HARRIER DSR (drone surveillance radar) is a primary surveillance radar designed specifically for drone detection and tracking of small, low flying, non-cooperative targets in high clutter environments.

DSR is able to detect and track small consumer, prosumer and military cooperative and non-cooperative drones within line of sight and at longer ranges out to 2+ miles with a longer range for larger UAS detection radar.

The HARRIER DSR detects and tracks uncontrolled, programmed drones flying on autopilot that are not detectable by DroneWatcher APP and RF and interfaces with a wide range of ancillary sensors including video and DeTect third party interception technologies.

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DroneWatcher Layered Drone Surveillance & Interdiction
HARRIER Drone Surveillance Radar
Interoperable Integrated Technology

DeTect’s DroneWatcher airspace surveillance radar system delivers a flexible, highly customizable multi-layered solution for finding, tracking, alerting and interdiction of drones/sUASs. Includes signals intelligence (SIGINT) and radar technologies. Each DeTect technology can be used as a stand alone sensor or can be combined to provide the level of security specific to each user’s requirements. Additionally, the drone detection technology is upgradable to meet the security challenges presented by continually evolving drone capabilities, features and threats.

The HARRIER DSR provides detection and tracking of non-cooperative, non-RF controlled, or auto programmed drones and UASs. Both DroneWatcher and the HARRIER DSR also can include DeTect’s proprietary drone interdiction and inception functionality.

The DroneWatcherWEB is DeTect’s Web service that provides a real-time consolidated, custom situational awareness web display for each user site, including wide area views for large complexes, cities and counties. DroneWatcherWEB is highly flexible and includes custom visual, audible and text message alerting options. The web service additionally logs all sensor detections including drone ID signatures, location, flight path and other parameters that can be used to support law enforcement prosecutions for illegal intrusions.

The HARRIER DSR uses advanced, military grade, solid-state Doppler drone detection radar system for small RCS targets in complex clutter environments and provides reliable detection of non-RF and GPS programmed flown drones to 2+ miles. DeTect’s solid-state drone radar technology offers significant increased performance, longer useful life and lower maintenance costs over conventional magnetron-based systems. HARRIER also includes an advanced SQL data system that provides real-time drone target classification and rejection of false positive targets from birds. The system interfaces with third party video, acoustic and other technologies and includes a consolidated Web Service for real-time user situational awareness displays for specific sites and regions.

HARRIER has a tested record of exceptional performance with the following general detection ranges for drone size ranges:
  • Large (Global Hawk class) to 14+ nm
  • Medium (Raven class) to 4-6+ nm
  • Micro UASs (DJ Phantom class) to 2+ nm
  • DeTect’s HARRIER system also includes DeTect’s proprietary drone interdiction technology and the system can be integrated with and control third-party interdiction technologies.

DroneWatcher and HARRIER systems can operate as a stand alone facility and force protection systems detecting and alerting perimeter intrusions by air, water and land. The systems are also multifunctional and can be programmed to detect multiple intruder types including simultaneous locating, tracking and alerting of sUASs, aircraft, ultralights, ships and boats crossing pre-set site perimeters or entering restricted zones. It provides automated visual and audible notifications through DeTect’s web service to security and law enforcement by text message, pager or cellular phone and direct read-out at remote monitoring stations.

Automatic detection and tracking capabilities includes user defined monitoring and alarm zones. Systems are offered in fixed skid and mobile configurations and can be linearly networked to cover large areas and lines such as border crossings, coastlines and large facilities. DeTect’s technology is highly customizable providing radar, video, and thermal detection and acoustic deterrent through a single user interface display with advanced alerting and response features all viewable and controllable remotely in real-time.

HARRIER features include:
  • Microsoft Windows-based operating software
  • User displays & interfaces developed for non-technical user
  • Integrated radar, thermal, video, acoustic & sonar deterrents
  • Intelligent Radar feature provides real-time target identification
  • Automatic false positive (birds) rejection
  • Display activated “point-and-click” video zoom & deterrent activation
  • Compatible with other security & display systems
  • Site-specific underlay maps
  • Mobile mapping technology
  • Identifies & tracks each target by size, position, speed & heading
  • Audible & visual intrusion alarms
  • Optional notification by email & radio pager
  • Automated data recording, archiving & reporting

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