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DeTect specializes in advanced radar and remote sensing technologies

Aviation safety / security and surveillance / BLOS / drone defense / environmental protection / renewable energy
Wind Farm Radar Detection Installation at Sea
DroneWatcher Drone Defence Systems
MERLIN Aircraft Birdstrike Avoidance Radar System (ABAR)
Airport Birdstrike Prevention System
MERLIN Aircraft Birdstrike Avoidance Radar
MERLIN Radar Detection Installation
MERLIN Avian Radar Technology Installed on a Wind Farm

DeTect Radar Systems

DeTect, Inc specializes in advanced A1 radar and related remote sensing technologies and systems for aviation safety, security and surveillance, drone defense and environmental protection and renewable energy with over 500 radar systems delivered worldwide since 2003.

Global Reach

DeTect is a fully integrated radar company headquartered in Panama City, Florida, USA with a company-owned engineering and manufacturing facilities in Florida and Calgary, and offices in Hawaii, California, Florida, Washington, D.C., Calgary and London. The company has sales and technical support staff based throughout the US, Canada and Europe and partner offices in over 60 countries to support its customers and installations worldwide.