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Bird Control Radar Systems

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MERLIN™ Bird Control Radar System

The MERLIN detect & deter bird control radar system is the most advanced and proven radar system for continuous monitoring of user-defined bird and wildlife control zones and automatic activation of bird deterrent devices to prevent birds entering restricted areas.

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) in 2012 presented a Responsible Canadian Energy Award to DeTect’s technology based on its proven record of successfully protecting birds at Oil Sands facilities in northern Alberta. In its Press Release, CAPP noted that the MERLIN system installed has been over 97.5% effective in deterring birds approaching oil-contaminated tailings ponds with zero bird mortality in 2010 and 2011.

MERLIN detect & deter is based on DeTect’s proven MERLIN Avian Radar System technology that is used by the USAF, NASA and airports worldwide to detect and monitor hazardous bird activity on and around airfields for bird-aircraft strike hazard management. MERLIN detect & deter applications include control of birds at industrial waste impoundments, oil & gas drilling frac ponds, landfills, stormwater retention basins, crop fields and any site that requires highly-effective, reliable, automated 24-7 bird control and protection.

The technology includes the capability to custom define the multiple, zoned control perimeters within the MERLIN software and any bird targets detected entering the control area, will trigger activation of the deterrent devices. Systems are available as fully self-contained and powered fixed, skid-mounted, floating or mobile units and multi-unit networks of master radar units, primary deterrent units (PDUs), secondary deterrent units (SDUs), and/or floating deterrent units (FDUs) can be provided for complete, zoned coverage of large areas. The system interfaces with a wide variety of non-lethal bird deterrent devices including traditional omnidirectional bioacoustics and propane gas cannons as well as Long Range Bioacoustic Units (LRBU) and DeTect’s proprietary, programmable Sweeping Bird Control Laser bird deterrent system.

MERLIN supports activation of single or multiple control zones and the deterrent software module includes automated randomized deterrent selection that varies the specific deterrent and volume applied with each response to reduce habituation. The system also includes a complete library of standard recorded acoustic deterrent files or can use client-provided files (supports .wav, .mp3 and other sound formats).

MERLIN detect & deter is available as a complete turnkey system that includes the bird control radar master unit (radar sensor, radar tower, processor equipment, software and equipment enclosure), deterrent devices, installation, start-up and support, or can be integrated with existing deterrent systems.

Systems are available with both X- and solid state S-band Doppler radar sensors in low and high radar power configurations to provide reliable bird detection and deterrent hazing in virtually any terrain, over water and weather conditions, including in fog, rain and snow. MERLIN detect & deter systems are fully remote controllable and networkable through TCP/IP, wide area wireless and other protocols.

The technology is also upgradable, modular, expandable and reconfigurable – units can be repositioned to address changing site conditions and expanded at any time by addition of supplemental deterrent modules. All equipment is industrial-grade and designed for use in outdoor and extreme environments with exceptionally high reliability.

The MERLIN radar and deterrent controller and processor equipment is housed in NEMA outdoor rated environmentally controlled enclosures that are skid or trailer mountable. Each system includes a full labor and parts warranty and is supported 24-7 by DeTect’s Technical support team that includes applications support experts (biologists, radar ornithologists and engineers).

The MERLIN technology has been tested and proven at installations throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Africa and represents the most advanced, proven, widely-used avian radar and bird control technology on the market with over 250 MERLIN bird radars delivered worldwide.

Long Range Bioacoustic Units for Bird & Wildlife Control

The dispersal of hazardous bird and wildlife species has long been an important component of any comprehensive wildlife control program. Conventional non-lethal bird and wildlife dispersal techniques include pyrotechnics, propane gas cannons, hand-held lasers and bioacoustic speaker systems.

These methods, although typically low capital cost suffer from limited effective range and loss of effectiveness through habituation. These methods often elicit nuisance noise complaints due to their inability to be effectively directed to specific areas. DeTect has pioneered application of the Long Range Bioacoustic Units (LRBU) for bird control.

The LRBU units are planar array acoustic emitters originally developed for military force protection and security that are capable of projecting a highly focused, controlled beam of noise at extended ranges of almost one mile at up to 80 decibels in volume.

The units are ruggedized military-grade construction and can emit either recorded distress calls (bioacoustics) or various sounds (such as sirens, bells, etc) at variable levels to disperse wildlife in a controlled manner at close-in or extended ranges.

System options include vehicle and gimbaled mounts, and the technology can be integrated with a MERLIN Avian Radar System with the automated detect and deter functionality for automated bird control at landfills, mines, industrial plants and wind farm sites. The LRBU technology is also dual purpose additionally supporting site security, crowd control and facility force protection applications.

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