COVID-19 and Ukraine Conflict Notice Update: 11 March 2022


COVID-19 and Ukraine Conflict Update

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COVID-19 and Ukraine Conflict Update (as of 11 March 2022): 

All DeTect locations in the US, Canada, UK and China remain open and all projects are proceeding as scheduled. DeTect is not experiencing any production delays or significant supply chain issues due to COVID-19 or the Ukraine conflict.

The company continues to apply CDC and WHO recommended safety procedures in all of its facilities and field operations.

DeTect has no operations or projects in Ukraine or Russia and no parts or materials are sourced from these countries. We continue to maintain close contact with all key suppliers to monitor supply chain developments and has increased its inventory levels for key parts and materials to mitigate any slow downs.

Manufacturing and assembly facilities in the US, Canada and China continue to operate at normal production levels. For additional information, please see or contact one of our offices.